"THE EXCELLENT STUDENT BOOK" for Teachers and Students

This is a a study guide/technique that reveals the best study technique (e.g SQ3R, MNEMONICS etc) for various materials of learning e.g you will know which study technique you should use in studying any science course.
You will also learn to SPEED READ any material, discover your best study time or style and proper time management for students.
THE EXCELLENT STUDENT helps the Students to prepare for University and helps the Teachers to assist the students in proper study techniques.
THE EXCELLENT STUDENT book is a must read for any student in the Secondary school who wants to know exactly what to do to become an EXCELLENT STUDENT!!! 
Kehinde Oyeronke Osoba (Mrs.)
Cost - N500 per book. The book can be purchased at Towdah Communications, 6B Lemon Street LCHE, Oke-Afa Isolo, Lagos.
By placing an order via or by sending a text message/call to 07015785685








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